Alfred L. Cralle 1866-1920

It was while working in Pittsburgh as a porter that Cralle noticed that, which had become a popular confection, was difficult to dispense. It tended to stick to spoons and ladles, usually requiring use of two hands and at least two implements to serve.To overcome this, he invented a mechanical device now known as the. On February 2, 1897, the 35-year old was granted U.S. Patent #576395.

Cralle’s ingenious invention, originally called an “Ice Cream Mold and Disher” was designed to be able to keep ice cream and other foods from sticking, and easy to operate with one hand. Strong and durable, effective, inexpensive, it could be constructed in almost any desired shape, such as a cone or a mound, with no delicate parts that could break or malfunction.

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